Part 1: Knowing Who, What, & Where You Are

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;
we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
(Teilhard de Chardin)

Before you can survive and thrive, you need to know who you are, what you are and where you are.  I will attempt to answer these preliminary questions, so we can move on to bigger and better things.

Who are you?  At the core of it all, you are no one.  You are nobody.  You cannot say you are this or that, because the minute you open your mouth to speak, you will not be truthful.  Words cannot express who you are, because words only define, and you cannot be defined.  You are Infinite and the Infinite is by nature, undefinable.

The most you can say without too much deviation, is: “I am a living being who has experiences.”  Anything more is a lie.  So you are a living being.  OK, no problem there.  And what are these “experiences” that you are having?  There are only two experiences that you are constantly having:

  1. You create realities that you and others experience.
  2. You experience realities that others create.

That’s it.  When you think about it, that is all you ever do.  All of the innumerable  experiences that occur to you fall under those two types.  So then, you are no one who creates and perceives realities.  When I say “no one,” I do not mean that you do not exist.  What is meant is that you are not your name, you are not your designation, you are not your occupation.  You are not Joe Schmoe from New York City who drives trucks for a living, or Jane Doe from Texas who works as a waitress in a restaurant.  These are your experiences, they are not you.  YOU are a nameless, empty, void SPIRIT.  Or you should be, as it’s the best way to fly!  If you choose to define yourself, you weigh yourself down, and then you become too heavy to fly free. You become so burdened with concepts of who and what you are, that you become lost in a never-ending maze of conceptual garbage.  Your garbage.  You become free by emptying your mind of all thought, as much as you can. You can do this day by day, hour by hour.  You will then eventually reach the point where you have become so empty that the rest of the Universe can rush into you and link with you.  You then become part of ALL THAT IS.  This is called becoming a God.  You are still yourself but with a new twist: you are also aware of being everything else in the universe!

So, hopefully we have answered the questions about who and what you are.  Succinctly put, you are a nameless, undefinable Spirit who can create realities, and who can perceive the realities created by other Spirit Beings.   You have no frequency or wavelength, no location in space and time.  You are the creator of frequency and wavelength, space and time.

Now that we have settled the questions of who and what you are, we will proceed to define “where you are.”

You are not located in any geographical area.  Just as you are no-one, you are also no-where.  The most you can say about this is that you are located in a space within a time.  Space & Time, that’s about it.  Anything else is lie, or at best, a misrepresentation of the truth.  You see, you can take a person, a place or a thing and name it.  You can label it endlessly, but that person, place or thing will never be what you have indicated it to be. It is what it is and nothing you say about it will change it.  You cannot say a tree is a tree, because that limits what it really is.  By the same token, you cannot say you are anywhere, because that would limit where you are. You are nowhere and everywhere all at once.

However, for the purpose of surviving and thriving, we will provisionally assume that we exist in five environments of experience.  Beyond this we cannot venture to speak about, for these five environments are all we presently know about our personal and collective experiences. The four environments are:

  1. Physical Environment (sensation)
  2. Emotional Environment (feeling)
  3. Conceptual Environment (thought)
  4. Metaphysical Environment (intuition, quantum consciousness)

In the next several installments of this ongoing series, we will cover the five environments in detail, and how it is that you can best survive and thrive in these environments as a Spirit integrated within the biological computer we call the human body.  We will learn how to program the biocomputer for optimum survival, and how to create a BOS (Biocomputer Operating System) that effectively runs the bio-computer so that it can operate at optimum levels in all five operating environments.

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Survive & Thrive Book (Introduction)

Survive & Thrive is a focus-point for you to obtain information related to assisting you in evolving to greater heights — becoming all that you can be physically, emotionally, conceptually, and metaphysically..

This will be a space for people who are tired of being merely human, people who sense that being human is just the first step to becoming  a God.  Most people are content with their station in life — they have reached their personal comfort zone and do not wish to be nudged out of it.  They cannot or will not entertain the thought that their lives could improve a hundredfold.  YOU are different.  You realize that there is more to existence than the daily routine.  You sense that you are not like the others.  You may use the same phrases as they do and give lip service to the same cultural norms, but your heart isn’t in it — you know that it’s just a show, a grand illusion.  You want reality, not illusion.

You, dear reader, are the person for whom this blog is written.  Here you will find the answers you have been seeking — ways to enhance the totality of what you are, in all five working environments: physical, emotional, conceptual, social and spiritual.  As the late Terence McKenna said “You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”

Read on my friend, as we take this journey together.

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